Who am I?… the eternal question.

I am Gerry Scott. Professionally, I’m an art director and graphic design professional with a remarkable journey in graphic design, website development, advertising, fine arts, and screen printing. 

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, my multicultural background blends influences from Trinidad, Canada, and beyond. From a young age, I found inspiration in the beauty of Canada’s outdoors, nurturing a deep love for creativity and innovation. Later, my academic pursuits led me from Loyola University in Chicago to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where I earned a masters of science degree in visual communications.

My career path has been enriched by diverse experiences, from working in various advertising agencies to honing my skills as a graphic designer in the heart of Manhattan. Early on, I was captivated by the evolving landscape of graphic design with the rise of Macintosh computers in the 1990s. Influential designers like Rudy VanDerlans, Barry Deck, and Zuzana Licko shaped my approach, while icons like Paul Rand, Paula Scher, and Neville Brody left their mark on my work.

My education at Pratt Institute instilled in me a strong work ethic and unwavering discipline, creating a solid foundation for my career. Through years of practice, I’ve developed a strategic approach that guides projects from inception to fruition, ensuring an exceptional client experience and successful outcomes.