Dirty Shirty T-Shirts

Client: Dirty Shirty
Date: 2016-09-01
Services: T-Shirt Design, Website Design, Brand Identity

01. The Client

Dirty Shirty was a t-shirt company that took off during the 90s and 2000s. Catering to the rock and roll/skate punk world, Dirty Shirty shirts began popping up on celebrities.

I’m proud to have worked for Dirty Shirty as an Art Director and Designer of t-shirts. I also developed and maintained their website and other aspects of digital marketing and brand identity. The goal was simple, to make cool looking high quality t-shirts and have fun.

02. Digital Marketing

Dirtyshirty.com got a jump start on internet sales and online marketing early in the game. We launched the website in the mid 90s and painfully integrated Paypal to sell products. Thankfully, e-commerce quickly evolved and shopping carts became a common feature on websites.

The style and features of the website changed over time. Technology and programming advancement freed up creative and artistic limitations brought on by early html coding.