Website Design

Client: Gerry Scott Portfolio
Date: June 21, 2023
Services: Web Design, UX

01. Intro

I have worked on web sites for many companies in every industry imaginable since the mid 90s. 

Having maintained a presence throughout the digital revolution, I continue to provide innovative web services. These effective digital marketing strategies are driven by creative and technical solutions. My web design standards include strong graphics, quality content, and efficient navigation. Skills and resources are key factors in developing a valuable end-product.

02. User Experience

The end goal for a successful web design project is to provide good user experience (UX). Function and form must work together in a collaboration to make the site work well and to capture the user’s attention. 

04. Digital Marketing

Promoting brands over the internet has become the premier method of marketing. Advertising online is now the most efficient means of gaining customer attention. 

Make It Bigger, Paula Scher

I had worked through approval processes in marketing departments, responding to comments about color, style, content. Marketing directors and their underlings were my clients. Here, with Oola, my clients owned the company. I was a design consultant who named, defined, and designed the spirit and personality of the product and store. I was the brand manager. I was the marketing director. I was all-powerful. I decided then and there that from that time on marketing departments should work for me, not the other way around.

David Carson

I’m a big believer in the emotion of design, and the message that’s sent before somebody begins to read, before they get the rest of the information; what is the emotional response they get to the product, to the story, to the painting – whatever it is.