T-Shirt Design

Client: Gerry Scott
Date: June 23, 2023
Services: T-Shirt Design

01. How It Is

What a medium to design on… t-shirts. Creating graphics that people wear. Walking billboards. 

T-Shirt design and production has become the parfait of my career.

Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY 2004. G-Mo and Cookin Joe P. Get your Bombers shirts here! Get them while they last! My buddy Joe and I (and eventually Chris) began selling Bombers shirts from our apartments. From there we started a company Mojo Equipment. Pivotal to my career, I became engrossed in the world of apparel, pop culture and fashion. I became an expert screenprinter as well. This allowed me to understand the entire ins and outs of the apparel industry. These insights and mechanical training helped improve design procedures and creative direction. As a result, the public display of my graphic design work brings me much joy.